Bouncing Back From A Breakup

Honey Bee
July 6, 2016

girl-1382039_640Breakups are hard. Hence the word break. You don’t just break the relationship up, at times or most of the time, a break up tears you apart. Breakup can cause the sanest, smartest and sexiest of people to turn into desperate, lonely and depressed individuals. But you don’t have to be miserable forever.

If you decided that the relationship is really over and that rekindling is not the path for you or it is not possible, then you must learn to move on. You need to get back on track and fix yourself and your life.

The Journey of Bouncing Back

After breaking up, you will be a mess. If you’re one of those people who are lucky enough to be blessed with the ability to look decent from a break up, then good for you. But if you are part of the majority who would cry on the floor and endlessly eat buckets of ice cream, then you need to be strong.

As to any journey, you have to start somewhere. You have to know that you want to move on. You have to realize that there is life after this breakup.

Grieve and Cry

You will need to let it out. You need to let the pain out. In order for clarity to come to you, you first need the cleansing powers of tears. You need cry and yes, you need to eat that Ben and Jerry’s Chocolate Chip Ice Cream.

Grieving is part of the natural human and psychological process of dealing with a loss. When we lose something very dear to us. A part of us literally breaks. It hurts all over and we need to realize that pain is part of the process of letting go.

Spend Time With Friends

First you need a good support system. In the first few days of the break up, your friends will be your sounding board. They will be the shoulders you will cry on.

Later on, they will be the people who you find fun times with. When you are having fun, it is more likely you will move on from the pain.

It’s Time to Love Yourself

In order for you to move forward, you have to learn to see yourself in a beautiful light. You do deserve love, you deserve love from yourself. You need to love yourself despite your imperfections. You also need to see all the good things about you.

Once you have realized this, then you can now start working on yourself. You can now start dong things that you have missed out because you were in a relationship.

Have you ever wanted to travel alone? Then do it! Have you ever wanted to get a crazy haircut? Then do it! Have you always thought that you needed new skills like learning how to do gardening or baking or a new language, then do it!

You deserve to be given the best in life by no other than yourself.


Meditation is not just for hippie, artsy fartsy and wild child people, it’s for everyone. Meditation not only cures your heartaches, it also allows you to connect to your soul and spirit. Daily meditation relieves anxiety and stress.

Accept That It’s Over

Acceptance may take time, but you need to find it in your heart that there is an expiration date for every thing. There is no such thing as forever. Death separates people too just like breaking up. People come and go into your life for a reason.

This may be difficult but you have to give it yourself.

Do Something That Excites Yourself

Once you have moved on from the pain, it’s now time to live fully again. And this time, this is not just about new hair cuts and beauty treatments, this is about rekindling your passion to live. You need to find the fire you once had. You only have one life, go live it.

Yes, You Can MOVE ON!

Moving on is tough. But you need to do it. If you don’t move on, you will be bitter and resentful for a very long time. If you don’t move on, your next relationships are bound to be doomed because you will care all the excess baggage into your new relationship.

You can learn to be strong again. You can bounce back.

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