11 Simple Ways to Find Happiness

Honey Bee
July 13, 2016

sow-990330_640Have you ever felt down and lonely that you just wanted to be happy even for a little bit? Have you ever wanted just to feel OK even for a little?

On the other hand, are you going through life neither happy nor sad. You just go on and on existing not really feeling much? Well you do deserve some happiness!

Many of us see happiness as something on the other side of the fence. We constantly dream about it and think that we can have this partner, if we get that job or have a big house, we’ll be happy. But it’s not like that. If you put your happiness on people and things, you will be bitter and disappointed.

Happiness is Simple

The problem with most people is that they view happiness as this giant tree that is so difficult to climb. They think happiness is so difficult to attain and they bend themselves till they break in order to get the things and the people they think would make them happy. But happiness actually comes from choosing to be happy. Yes, you can choose to be happy.

When we were young, we laughed and felt joy from simple things. We enjoyed running in the sun, playing with mud and just being able to cuddle with our favorite toys. But as we grew up, we learned about life’s complexities and thus associated happiness with complexity.

So how do we simplify happiness?

1. Live simply – many of us think that happiness is about being rich and grand. We work to hard until we get burned out because we think that if we get that shiny car, we will be happy. Many people associate happiness with money.

Honestly, happiness comes from the simple things. If we do not buy things we do not need, then we will have enough money to live by. If we become contented with simple joys of life, then we will feel no envy or greed.

A simple life is liberating.

2. Appreciate instead of criticizing people around you – People tend to be bitter because they think people around them should act a certain way in order for them to make them happy. But people are people; they are imperfect. Once we show our appreciation to people around us, they will start loving us more. Love begets love. And when become kind to others, we will live a more peaceful and happy life.

We need to learn how to show appreciation more. We need to tell people we love them now. Many people become sad because they regret not loving people enough.

3. Let go of negative people – On the other hand, if people are toxic and negative, then we need to learn to let them go. They are like weeds that would stop us from growing. People around us influence who we are. If you are always with a person who always complains about his life, you will tend to feel the same. If you are with a person who hates others, you will be hateful too.

4. Make time for yourself – Many people neglect themselves to help others, build their dreams and to pursue greatness. But many times they forget themselves. They become resentful about life and feel burned out with their jobs. You need to unplug and just chill at times. Life is not a race. We need to learn how to relax.

5. Help others – One of the easiest but most neglected ways to be happy is by helping others. We feel a certain kind of high when we are able to assist others. Try to volunteer. Feel stray animals. Give to charity.

6. Don’t try to control everything – People over complicate life by micromanaging everything. We think that if we can control everything, we can be happy. But when you exert too much control on life, you will end exhausted and terribly anxious. Things that are meant to happen will happen. Don’t kill yourself trying to create a perfect life.

7. Do the things that you love – Well having some fun such as traveling, painting, swimming or making good coffee can really recharge your batteries and can help break up the monotony of life.

8. Know how blessed you are – Every morning think about all the good things that you have in your life. Think about your family, your house and your job. Yes, there maybe some bad or infuriating things in those areas but remember that someone out there is dreaming of the things that you just take for granted. You need to learn to count your blessings, I mean literally count them. If you have time or feeling really down, write them down!

9. Adopt a stray animal – A furry friend will forever love you and will always put smiles on your face for as long as they live. They will love you unconditionally. Studies have shown that people who have pets tend to be happier than others.

10. Accept who you are – You are you and only you can be you! You should celebrate who you are; flaws and all. You need to stop punishing yourself and treating yourself like a piece of garbage. Happiness comes from your heart, and if you don’t even accept yourself, how can you be happy.

11. Meditate – Meditation can help cleanse negative energies from your body and allows you to focus your energy on happiness. By meditating, you channel positivity into your body, mind and soul.

Happiness need not be a dream. If you really want to be happy, you have to choose it NOW.

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